[MAP] Karting Track Race

It works perfectly, although the console throws me this message, any advice?

Hello yes it’s a console error that can be fixed with a YBNmover tool.
But no impact in the game

It seems so, thank you very much my friend.

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Sometimes the barriers are not loading for some players until they relog.
How to fix this?

Nice karting track, well thought out and that allows to let off steam in game

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Thank you <3

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optimalizition ?

or no ?

Nice map bro!

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Try it its free ! :slight_smile:

How can I remove the background audio? I wanted to mute the audience

So there is orange fencing through many parts in the course. Any ideas on how to remove this?

Do you have another mapping in the area?

I did yes I figured it out. It was a police training course. It’s fixed now and everyone loves it. I added a rental script at the front entrance so people can rent the karts. Very cool my guy. Thanks for the release.

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