[MLO] Jewel Store by GigZ

Hey here is a nice FREE MAPPING! Based on the famous brand “VANGELICO” for their jewelry.
Ideal for implementing a new heist on your servers!

With Codewalker


gigz_jewel_free.rar (6.0 MB)


gigz_jewel_free_heist.rar (6.0 MB)



  • Editable ytd to change textures
  • Resource size 6.0mb
  • 2 Locations (If you only want one, delete the folder from the location you don’t want.)
  • No script included
  • Credit to @angel_kohai for the high wind


:flag_white: GrapeSeed /tp 1656.49 4884 42.75
:flag_white: Paleto Bay /tp -386.82 6039.08 32.23

Prop name: p_jewel_door_r1
Hash: 9467943
Position in MLO: X:-11,23382 Y:-1,498638 Z:0,985154
Position in world: X:-382,0016 Y:6042,217 Z:31,65892

Prop name: p_jewel_door_l
Hash: 1425919976
Position in MLO: X:-11,23382 Y:1,10241 Z:0,985154
Position in world: X:-383,8379 Y:6044,059 Z:31,65892

Prop name: v_ilev_j2_door
Hash: 1335309163
Position in MLO: X:-5,317687 Y:4,444917 Z:0,985207
Position in world: X:1648,275 Y:4877,424 Z:42,3099


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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements Game build 2372
Support Yes

Northerns won’t be missing getting some easy jewels now… :crazy_face:

Nice release as always sir! :grin:

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Thanks, I wanted to do Sandy Shore too but no building is big enough for it to fit in :confused:

Wonderful as always :slight_smile:

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Excellent stuff, they look great!

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Thanks guys ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, is this happening to anyone of you, no PD MLO or any MLO around that can cause this.

Is your server up to date? Try this older ymap to test. :wink:

  • Delete " hei_cs1_06_strm_0.ymap " in paleto " folder
  • Drag and drop the new file in “paleto” folder

cs1_06_strm_0.ymap (10.6 KB)

yes its 2545 game build with latest artifact

I tried the file you give, its still there i am using this versions of game build and artifacts below

Game Build: 2545 The Contract
Server Artifact: 5613

Still the fences are there, there is no MLO around the Paleto Installed.

Really weird :confused:
The only idea I have is that you have somewhere, in another resource,
a file named “hei_cs1_06_strm_0.ymap” and this is a duplicate.

I would suggest you to stop every other MLO you have on your server to see if the issue persist. If after that you do not have the fences, then you know that one of your resources is the cause of this issue.

i searched this to other mlo running but on shows one your MLO only

do i need to rename this file cs1_06_strm_0.ymap to hei_cs1_06_strm_0.ymap

Ok im gonna try, but i test it without any MLO around Paleto, and im sure MLO on sandy or main city is not causing this but i will try

Hi @GigzM i’m trying to create a robbery for your MLO and i am using CreateModelSwap on the props

des_jewel_cab2_start - used on Original Vangelico MLO and 3-4 more different type
des_jewel_cab2_end - used on Original Vangelico MLO and 3-4 more different type

but it seems your using different could you share what your using ? i tried to search on plebmaster this model of yours is not showing

Hey hi at first I didn’t know this was possible, but thanks to @AvaN0x who showed me,

I made the modification, to be able to put the script on it.

I’ll post the version tomorrow :slight_smile:


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thank you so much, but if u didn’t just know the 4 item cases in the middle must be in different type of jewel_cab something like


because the CreateModelSwap uses radius even 0.0 it still changes the closest same model

Here are the different breakable showcases, I put you the simple version.
I did not modify the last 2 for the decorations.

1= des_jewel_cab4
2= des_jewel_cab3
3= des_jewel_cab2
4= des_jewel_cab
5= des_jewel_cab3
6= des_jewel_cab3


In the resource you can find a text document there that lists, name, hash, position, rotation.

gigz_jewel_free_heist.rar (6.0 MB)


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thank you so much!

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where is the robbery script ?