[ESX] Simple karting script

Hi guys!
I have decided to share my simple karting system because i want create form 0 a new system.
Im using the @GigzM Map (Link map here)

With this script u can spawn and despawn vehicle, + there is a simple marker with menu when u can buy hotdog and cocacola.

Github repo: esx_karting


Keep up the good work buddy.

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Hotdogs and cocacola server events are vulnerable, instead of just removing money

I’ll suggest that make a money check then remove the money.

what vulnerability would it have? i will fix it soon

Well, the player will have -200 money but still get the hotdog & cocacola.

Fixed! i have added money and inventory limit check!

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Brooo Awsome realease was looking for something like this… Would you planing to update to may be player can race each other for some money or even just for fun :slight_smile:

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