[ESX] Basic rental kart script


This is a basic karting rental script, but this has the function that when the created vehicle leaves the area, it will be deleted for the player.



This script don’t have dependencies but i use then with a ADDON kart and a map:

Mini conf

On the top of script you can chose the vehicle that spawn and the coords.


cars This is the model of the kart that you want to spawn.
rentpoint Point for rent the kart.
returnpoint Point for return the kart.
spawnpoint This is where the kart are going to spawn.
areapoint Center of the area that you don't want that kart get off.
areazone The radious of the circumference of the zone.


money The cost of renting a kart.


The installation is like other scripts, download the repository and put bld_karting inside of your resources folder.



Good Script Nice

nice work! I like the creativity in ideas :wink:

This looks amazing, I need this really bad, just wondering though, I actually need two separate locations, ( I have two go-kart tracks) could you please give an example of having multiple locations?

Nice Script :smiley:

After press Rent the go kart is not spawn

EDIT : change vehicle spawn name on client.lua line 7 local cars = 'Shifter_kart'

so im asking so u put the rentel kart under maps