[How-to] German Shepherd / Malinois - K9 Dog 1.0.1

so i have been seeing alot of people ask how to get the German Shepherd / Malinois - K9 Dog 1.0.1 Working for there Fivem server.
so i thought i would give a little help in to how it is done and what you need to do.

first of this is not my ped i will not be releasing the models if u want the model then go to https://www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/gta5mods/character/19996-german-shepherd-malinois-k9-dog/

i am not claming this as my own or anything i am just showing you how to stream to the K9-ped

Model - Turbosquid 3D
Convert - Rarefacer & MartinCT(Mouby)
Textures - MartinCT(Mouby)
Funded by - MartinCT(Mouby)

so you want the K9 for your server but dont know how its done well first off.

Requirements :

A $15 or higher active patreon
if u do not have this it will not work on your server so make sure u have it

now you have that done NEXT is to make a folder on your desktop

so lets just name it K9_ped for now.

inside that folder make another folder and call it Stream

place the files u have just downloaded from German Shepherd / Malinois - K9 Dog 1.0.1
in to the stream folder.

now we need to rename some off the files well tbh all of them part from 2.

ok so now that is done below you will find a _resource.lua and a peds.meta just download them both and place both in to the K9-ped Folder

__resource.lua (155 Bytes)

ok so now we done just download the ped.meta file and place that in to the K9-ped Folder
peds.meta (2.3 KB)

it will look like this once you have finished it

i am not claming this as my own or anything i am just showing you how to stream to the K9-ped
all Credit goes to MartinCT for the model.

and now you should have your K9 buddy ready and waiting to bite some ass.

p.s The Textures are 4K so you will have to change them to 2K


Does this work for custom server sided EUP?

Dude I love you for this, thank you so much, I know this is just for a replacement but is there a way to run it as an Addon?

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man. I wish you didn’t have to give the $15 pledge.

Why do you need to give $15?

unsure. most likely something that’ll allow it on my local

Just wondering… Is it possible for you to upload the 2k textures because I’m kinda unsure how to convert them and have them still work. And it’s gonna be a pain to go through and convert them all if I find out how.

Hello, first of all thank you for this, its a well done walk trough. the only question i have how to do the very last step of putting it into the stream.

How do I change the textures from 4K to 2k

OpenIV, you need to export the texture and rezize it.

How to resize textures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMzL4iLiTb8

That’s what I want to know as well. I’ve been researching and just not found any answer. I want to run four different dogs but it does not work by changing the name of the files eg: adding a 2 after shepherd in the file names.

When I use the animal ped I am invisible, does anyone know how to solve this in order to use ped K9

Where do you place the K9_ped file after you do all of the above??? You dont finish the instructions???

Its done. You just put it in your resource folder.

I have done that and it didn’t work? Idk what I’m doing wrong. Could you send me the folder you put in?

@Officerk94117 k9_ped.rar (68.4 MB)

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@Cattdaddy_Gaming Thanks I got it to work now, but is there a way to change the vest and color of the dog ?

Not that I am aware of unfortunately

How do I change the texture of his vest?