FiveM update - May 5th/6th, 2017

We have released new updates to our production branch. This includes mainly fixes and internal improvements, and one new feature.


  •  citizen:server:net: http handler
  •  server impl component
  •  server working up to the initial handshake
  •  clean up GameServer
  •  add intel tbb submodule
  •  working fxserver handshake!
  •  optimization and fixes
  •  client->SendData()
  •  resource system bringup
  •  fix current-manager issues
  • the above stuff is for the new server, to be released in the future
  •  update CitizenFX.Core.dll
  • now you can dynamically add/remove BaseScript instances
  •  code commits
  • the .NET changes
  •  update natives.lua
  • for the font natives
  •  font natives, backend
  •  fix ZLIB_2 error for .gfx files
  • Now, you can load .gfx files from the server!
  •  natives for fonts
  • See below for details.
  •  fix use of uninitialized rscFlags
  • Part of the above .gfx fix.
  •  current manager in ResetResources
  • Fixes a crash on exit.
  •  crashometry
  • This taught us that the top crashes are caused by joining multiple servers in a row.
  •  steam: old steam isn't used anymore, remove
  • tl;dr: valve changed something, so your in-mod was called ‘1’ or blank
  •  corert: safe NtClose hook
  • no more crashes with Comodo! on to the next one.
  •  resources: don't load resources above 16 MB
  • because people seem to forget.
  •  resources: extra MakeCurrent calls
  • es_turfwars should work again
  •  add editorconfig file
  •  change indentation
  • uh, dev stuff?
  •  gitlab ci: don't cache vendor
  • builds took too long
  •  launcher: load dinput8.dll from system
  • why did it load asi loaders? no idea
  •  launcher: remove manifested dpi-awareness
  •  launcher: set DPI-awareness for main process
  • fixes Problem: Mouse won't move a certain way right, or down - thanks to @Joe_Barbarino for reporting this

Developer changes

Two new natives. They’re for adding fonts for use by text draw commands.

How to add fonts

  1. Convert your .ttf to a .swf. You can use swfmill ( to do this:

    swfmill simple in.xml out.swf

  2. Convert the .swf to .gfx. You need gfxexport.exe for this. We can not tell you where to get this, as it’s illegal to spread - find it on Google.

    gfxexport out.swf

  3. Put out.gfx in a stream/ folder in a resource, perhaps rename it.

  4. Call RegisterFontFile and RegisterFontId from a client script.

  5. Use the registered ID in SetTextFont, instead of one of the game’s built-in IDs.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" ?>

<movie version="8" width="320" height="240" framerate="12">
      <font id="Fira Sans" import="fs.ttf" name="Fira Sans"/>


local fontId

    RegisterFontFile('out') -- the name of your .gfx, without .gfx
    fontId = RegisterFontId('Fira Sans') -- the name from the .xml

    while true do
        AddTextComponentString('Hello, world!')
        EndTextCommandDisplayText(0.5, 0.5)

Thank you.

What about OS (keyboard) language switch bug? Can we expect it to be fixed?

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Last I saw this is an update post - the update should be discussed here, not issues completely irrelevant to it.
Add-on peds haven’t worked ever in FiveM, and we know that. Please calm your fucking tits, we can’t do 50 thousand things at once.

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Not to call bullshit on you, but, bullshit. We have been using add-on peds for a long time before they stopped working recently.

Not related to this update, though.

Correct, but saying add-on peds have never been supported even though they used to work is un-wise.

They never were supported, though? We’ve never made an update in the past to support specifically add-on peds.

Well they worked fine, but a few updates ago stopped them from working.

yes plz continue with this updates and we are looking forward for this fiveM not to shutdown like last year so we are advising you not to shut down fiveM because its everyone best online fiveM SERVER OUT THERE.

Hello, client->SendData() is for client to client ?

can’t report a feature bug if it was never a feature to begin with Kappa.

add font but spam loaded

topic is 2 years old and i dont see how this is even relevant to this topic that you felt it needed to be posted here?.

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