[ESX] CONDE-B1G_INVENTORY | Fast Items, Hotbar, Notifications, Shortcuts, HUD and much more

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conde-b1g_inventory 1.0.0

Inventory HUD for ESX based on TSRAK esx_inventoryhud made by me and B1G CarlosVergikosk · GitHub.

My other releases:



Most of the code of the shops was taken from SUKU’s suku shops for esx_inventoryhud, although some features were added, like ilegal shop, police shop, price easily changeable on the config, and some other spicy stuff :slight_smile:

The weapons as items part is made like in disc_inventoryhud, and for that reason it uses disc_ammo in which you can easily remove the disc_base dependency if you want!

This resource should work on ESX 1.2, but I use a version before the 1.2 and after the weight update!

You can get it to work with most of esx_inventoryhud plugins, like trunk, property etc… Check the js file most things come already pre configured!

Most of the notifications are in Portuguese, so if any kind sould want to translate them, that would be apreciated!

I may give some support, but won’t 100% guarantee.

That’s pretty much it, this is like the ultimate inventory hud that you can have on your ESX server without breaking or leaving your server unplayable, I’ll list the features down below.



  • Drag and drop
  • Using items
  • Dropping items
  • Giving items
  • Cash included
  • Accounts support (bank, black money, …)
  • Weight Supported
  • Weapons as items
  • 5 Usable Fast Items hotbar: 1, 2 ,3 ,4 ,5 keys
  • Blocked Weapon Wheel
  • Inventory items notification (anytime you receive or lose an item, check installation for more info)
  • Fast items Hotbar , ALT is the default key.
  • Animations with props, when you give an item. Check the config to add more props to each item!
  • Integrated status hud, so you can have a clean hud while you play!
  • Easy shortcuts to use items, double click uses the item and closes the inventory, right click puts the item on fast item hotbar or in the second inventory.
  • Steal the body of a dead or handcuffed player!
  • Optimized
  • Some other stuff, I’ll probably remember later :slight_smile:



  • /steal - Steals nearby player’s inventory
  • /closeinventory - Closes the inventory if needed


  • This should be pretty much drag and drop, change the essentialmode on the sql file to whatever is your database name, and run it.

  • To add the notifications, just trigger this event on your es_extended classes/player functions. Ex: addInventoryItem, removeInventoryItem, addMoney, removeMoney:

      	TriggerClientEvent('conde-inventoryhud:notification', (playerid), (item name), (item label), (count) , (if you add the item then set thist to false, if you remove set this to true))
  • To make the status to work just change the events on line 250 client/main of the inventory, to your basic needs or stress events.




I’m having trouble understanding, did you make this from scratch or is it an existing resource modified? if that’s the case then I suggest you make a pull request on the orginal resource.

Best inventory you can get out here for free xD


OMFG! Looks sick!!!


You can also get disc-inventoryhud and fix it.

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Looks like a disc-inventoryhud rebuild, but its quite nice :slight_smile:

Nice work guys

How do I get the in-game player nickname to appear, not the Steam ID?

re) When I try to hand an item to a nearby user, the other party’s Steam ID is displayed, but I want to display the nickname used by accessing our server, not the Steam ID (center). I want a role-acting nickname, for example William_Scott. Is there any way? Or I would like to have a personal Discord message.

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Could you be a little more specific, maybe we could help you too.

Where are you getting a steamidentifier?

Nice release!

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The steam ID doesn’t appear, the give button gives the item directly to the closest player!
If that’s what you are asking, I really didn’t understood the question XD

Actually it would me more esx_inventoryhud than disc, the code is much more simpler, the only part similar to disc is the weapons part!

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First, awesome resource!!! good work, now i have the problem with the plugins (glovebox and trunk), it doest open, i already change the call from esx_inventoryhud to your inventory but doest appear in the NUI, and in the console throw an mysql duplicate error (in any vehicle)

so this is bbased on weight or limit ?

In a time where all our heros were lost, the city feel into chaos no-one was there to help save the world. And then unexpectedly 2 people would rise to bring us a cool fkin inventory outta nowhere. Nicely done guys :wink:


weight, although converting to limit is ez. BUT they integrated it into a bar so you may need to do some additional tweaks to that otherwise itl look dumb

Probably won’t work entirely on 1.2 es_extended or ExM due to the way accounts were changed.

You’d need to use this with 1.1 weight.

Could someone provide the disc-ammo files. It seems the files are not more online. I cannot download anyone, I have to go to save the link and then I get files, but the content it always the same, even for client and server, its the same file. Something is wrong I guess.

If it is a DB error nothing to do with this resource dude :slight_smile: