This is a FiveM resource made for ESX roleplayer servers. The concept is pretty much easy, you are roleplaying a dealer and your goal is to get people on the street buying your product!



Buy here:
7,50 EUR (Before tax)

The resource comes with:

- Multi drug items support, you can sell how many types of drug you wish!

- Awesome animations that will bring roleplay to another level of imersion.

- Multi selling points support, you can add how many zones you want  via config, or even choose to let the players deal arround the whole map.


- Prices on the config, there's a base price, that can change based on luck and if there are more cops in town! (Changeable inthe config)


- Ultra optimized client (0.01ms dealer mode off and 0.04 dealer mode on) and server wise! You can even run this in a large server without lagging, since calls to the server are made in a very  smart way.


- You can turn on and off, what it is called the dealer mode. The 3d text on the peds will only appear if you are in dealer mode.

- All the code is exposed, and it's pretty much easy to change and adapt to your own liking!

- There's a change of the buyers not being interested in your product!

- There's a chance that buyers will rat on you and call the cops,  when this happens the buyer will pick his phone and the cops will be alerted (alert resource not included, you will have to use the resource you use in your server, but I can help you with that if you want!),


This is a great way of selling items while at the same time giving players the opportunity to roleplay!

I will support and I can help you to use this on your server!

My other releases:

Mythic Notify and Mythic Progbar.
I will send them along with the resource so don't worry.


Alright, to be fair how can you justify 15 usd for this? Come on dude, you’ve even released a free inventory; but decided that this is worth 15 usd? alright.


erru sinna


Why is the price so high when this script doesn’t even have many features? There are many more features in this script and it is for a much better price. [RELEASE] DEVCORE - NPC Drug Sales [ADVANCED]

The inventory was a free contribution for the comunity, one thing that I though the comunity needed. There are a lot of drug selling scripts out there also for free. This is my take on it, since I noticed that most aren’t really useable in large servers, this is a simple and great way, I’m not forcing anyone to buy this!

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There are a lot of drug selling to npc scripts out there like I said, I didn’t even know what you showed, but like I said, this is my take on it, since I noticed that most aren’t really useable in large servers, this is a simple and great way, I’m not forcing anyone to buy this!

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Can you explain what you mean by “aren’t really useable in large servers”

hehe, veldig :stuck_out_tongue:

I think what he means is, most of them cause server hitches and issues when surpassing 50-60 players online.

Will they buy more than one at time of drug? For example if someone has 9 bags of drugs and sells, is there a chance they sell more than one bag?

They will sell a random configurable amount. It is from 7 to 10, but you can change it