Drunk System + Alcohol Tester | Standalone

“Drunk System” is a FiveM script that introduces a new drunk system with an alcohol-testing feature to your gameplay. With this script, players can use an in-game breathalyzer to check their BAC level and determine if they are intoxicated. The “Drunk System” includes a variety of customizable settings to suit your server’s needs, and drinking levels can be integrated with your HUD system to provide a more immersive experience. This script is a must-have for servers that are looking to add a new feature to their gameplay and enhance realism.

Features :star:
  • Standalone Script
  • Modern UI + Responsive to all screen resolutions
  • Breathalyzer machine to test BAC(Alcohol) level
  • Drunk system that can be integrated into the HUD
  • Prop Animations and Sound Effects
  • Customizable levels of drunkenness and alcoholism
  • Easy to use with other scripts
  • Highly Configurable config
  • Language Editor
  • Includes an auto-update checker to notify you of updates
  • Highly optimized for performance at all times [0.0ms]
  • For More Features Check Config + Watch Preview


Config Preview :star:

Links :star:

[ Script is at Introductory Price of 30% off for Limited Time ]

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:spiral_notepad: Documentation
:eyes: Preview

Code accessible All UI + Shared
Subscription No
Lines 1000+
Requirements No
Support Yes :heart:
Future Updates Free

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looks good

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Something New. Nice Work !

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one thing I’d change is the percentage to be an actual BAC level (like 0.14, etc, 0.08 being the legal limit in america) but other than that it looks awesome

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