Whereiam vehicleshop [esx]

Everything configurable on the client.lua file

Working with legacy and older version !

Support for qtarget and with marker !

Responsive NUI

Easy vehicle adding via Database !

Color picker

Test drive option

After buying you will get the script and sql file instantly with English translation

Script is not obfuscated ! It’s free for edit !


Other work
Whereiam Music player
Inspired No Pixel Hunting
Yach Robbery
Test Drive
Lumberjack Job
Ownable Carwash
Rent a car
Wherieam info panel

this is actually insane. worth its price for sure! goodjob

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Thank you !

Hey its can be config to be a job ?

Actually this is dumped version, topic has been already reported, don’t be stupid to buy dumped and stolen work.


This is a dump version of the car dealership made by Benno, this man is selling someone else’s work and the work he didn’t made. Don’t be naive to buy this, this topic has been reported to the authorities. (edited)


Dump version ? What are you talking about ?

He’s not selling anyone’s work. He’s helped me in a private call aswell and knows every bit about his own script which wouldn’t be the case if it was stolen.

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When did he make this script, and on which server did he used it??

Is it save the category into the database?

Can you help me with this mistake?