[ESX] WhereIam Lumberjack Job 🪓

-Highly optimized

- No FPS Drops

- Works with Onesync Infinity


- Easy configuration

- Custom map comes with the job

- It’s an standalone job , you go on marker and start with the chopping !

- Resmon is always 0,01

- For any support you can contact me on discord STIFLER#7171

- REQUIREMENTS : t0sic_loadingbar

I’m not owning t0sic_loadingbar , and I’m not selling it. It’s free for use, if the creator wants tag , he can dm me

Click me for video



come on share this animation with us :smiley: i ll pay a heart for it

I am using this hammering i found :slight_smile:

More animation combined to one , if you’re creative you can create the same

its obfuscated?

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It’s not

okay so the script doesn’t have any dependencies? its strange how resmon stay on 0.01 with drawmarkers etc…

Looks to be a golfing animation.

[email protected] iron_swing_action - Something along them lines.

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SCRIPT ERROR: @whereiam_lumberjack/server/drvosjecaFinal.lua:29: attempt to call a nil value (field ‘CreatePickup’)

I reccomend avoiding this all of this guy’s scripts. I joined the discord to ask if it was obfuscated, and was told no. I then saw that someone before me had asked for help and received none. I asked why they didnt help him, and they banned me. Completely unprofessional. Avoid at all costs.

Thanks for the feedback, yes you got banned cause i don’t want anyone to argue on my discord. The guy who asked for help , i sended him a dm to fix the errors. Enjoy your day