Whereiam Info Panel 📜

***Hello , it’s me marriooo haha ***

Another work from me , Info Panel.
Players can check the most important info on the panel

Script consumption is always 0.00 with client and server side

Please don’t compare my work to free scripts , people think “responsive nui” is when it’s opening at the same seconds when you press it lol… Responsive nui means that the nui automatically adjusts on the players resolution , text , container etc… Who ever bought my scripts with NUI knows how much work I have put in it and how much responsive it is.

In config you can change the opening key , it’s create with KeyMapping

I would appreciate if you check my other work out too !!

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I think 17€ is to much for this, i can just edit this and have to pay nothing: Simple Info Board

Sure , go edit it , make sure to optimize it , make it adjustable for all resolutions even 800x600, make a nice design out of it :smiley: I was always honest with my prices on my stuff

I am interested in getting this but have a question , the icons at the bottom what is PD, EMS, Mechanic.

We have a lot more roles we would like our City to see and know is there on, Can we make the icons smaller and add as many Roles to the bottom , and above each icon say PD in text for PD image or will this break the script?

Ofc you can do that :smiley:

I paid for it but download link is expired , Waiting for the download i paid for?

You got it !

Thanks i got it , but only PD is showing up and not EMS and Mechanic

So , got the EMS and Mechanic sorted , was not in the html

So the issue we having now is the money and bank is not updating , how we fix this?