[ESX] Advanced Ownable Car Wash πŸ’¦

- You can have your own Car Wash

Adjust the price per wash

Adjust your own blip name

You can chose how much liquid you want to buy

Liquid delivery time is 1hour

You can deposit money

You can withdraw money

Responsive NUI

Perfect optimization

Multiple locations

You can adjust the Image in SQL




  • ghattmysql
  • pmc-callbacks

It is not supported for 1.2 ESX , maybe in the future

After buying you will get the link instant with the English version of it !



Neat idea, cool script :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks bro :smiley:

coolio idea

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Multiple violations, please flag the topic

no price?

hi im getting error sql 1231 variable foreign_keys_check cannot be assigned to the value of 1 when importing to db

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Error coming on mines too You should fix it

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i buy this one and so dissapointing hahaha… didnt even said it need 2 dependency.

  1. ghmattimysql - no link given you need to find a working one
  2. pmc-callbacks - no link given
  3. not working on esx v1.2 you need to fix your own.
  4. no english translate or not even a dynamic one.

didnt tell it first… even you need to translate your self this code

Note: Sorry Bro 20Euro is Too Much for this Script dont tell us dont Buy it just remove it haha Lol

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hahaha funny so it means i need to create my own also cause i got dissapointed?

he will work with now hahaha thanx

Got this still haven’t been added on discord or received it via email :confused:

@Circaskys Did you checked your spam folder?

he edit his post cause hhe cant update his script

Can we get this for 1.2 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee