Whereiam Music Player 🎡 ESX & QB


Playing music synced with the whole server with minimum consumption usage

You can enable in config for an item to be needed to play music in vehicle , or just /player

You can change the command for playing music

You can change distance in config

You can enable that only people inside the vehicle hear the music

You can add zones to the config , where you can play music ( like boombox ) you can also whitelist it for an job or make it usable for everyone

You can add a default music link and enable it to loop , when server starts it will start to play automatically for 100% roleplay experience

​Great NUI which is responsive on lower resolutions ! Used bootstrap 4.6 for better experience with the nui with 0 hanging while using

Script is optimized while not using 0.01 , while in vehicle 0.03-0.04 , inside markers 0.07 ( can be lowered if using qtarget by linden)

Only dependency for now is xsound which comes with the script , I did couple changes in it to be able to play most of the music

Script is not obfuscated in any way and is free to change !

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Can it be used stand-a-lone?

For sure , but I have to do changes to it

Make this for QBcore so I can empty my pockets getting this!

Done :smiley:

Does this come with a sort of /streamermode or something to mute for streamers?

Sure ! You have already in xsound /mute option !

how does that work to mute for streamers?

I’ve been looking for a way to make items for ESX that are essentially CDs and you’d use the item to play a specific link or something along those lines, that would be an instant buy for me!

this script is on a server i play on and it works for me but it stopped working for my friend, we have been trting to get it to work but we cant figure it out, anyone know why?

is this able to be configured to just be used for the single player, like an β€œipod” change the distance so only the player can hear it and it stay with them as the go around?