[ESX] Whereiam Hunting Activity [ Inspired by NO PIXEL ]

Hello , today i’ll introduce you to my new script inspired by the no pixel hunting activity.

The orange circles on the map display where you can place your bait
You need Animal Bait , Hunting Knife
After placing the bait , animals will spawn near you , it’s easy to configure the spawn position
You can add more locations where players can place bait
You have the option to have a Hunting horn , which when used will display the animals for couple seconds on the map , red blip…
If you kill the animal with a weapon , the other animals will be scared and will run away, best option is to kill them with silenced weapon or with a knife , bat etc…
*After killing them , you need the “Hunting Knife” , to be able to harvest them , there is a chance that the hunting knife breaks"
*There is

  • Low Quality Meat
  • Medium Quality Meat
  • High Quality Meat
  • Meat*
  • It’s a random chance to get those items…*
  • You don’t have to use all your baits to spawn again the animals, you can just use your Hunting horn to display the remaining animals and kill them*
    The script uses 0.01 while on idle , on the markers 0.20 , while harvesting 0.15

***Script is only for ESX ***
Script uses b1g_notify for server side , but it’s easy to change , if needed i’ll do it for you
For any bugs , support etc… You can contact me on my discord like always


- Fixed some errors

- Now when in marker it uses 0.08/0.10



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Just curious, why does resmon jump up so high, looked like it reached nearly .26 in the video?

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Uhmm sure you can make it better then .20 ms in markers.

:wink: gl looking alot better tho lol

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It’s fixed :smiley:

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Now it consumes 0.10/0.08

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Please send a copy of your resource to moderators group for approval.

You can make it event more optimized as in 0.00 to 0.02 if you use polyzones.

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[Release] esx_hunting - Hunt animals and sell meat

What is the difference? :open_mouth:

Hahaha what is the difference ? :smiley: I don’t want to comment this

I just asked what the difference is :grinning:

You’re a meme :smiley: :

Could this be converted to qbus?

Probably , I don’t have any knowledge with qbus

Ok thank you

are animals sync between players ?