[ESX] Rent a Car with NUI

This is a simple rent a car script , wich wont make any lag on your server.

Featuers :

-Custom NUI

-Possibility to add more cars

-Possiblity to add pictures

-Possibility to write a description on the vehicle

-When you rent the vehicle you’ll get it for 30 minutes , after 30 minutes it will despawn, timer is in left corner

- Custom marker

Showcase FiveM/ Rent a Car script / FiveMod - YouTube


Cool resource. Although I was thinking about buying it but mate, it’s a bit expensive, ain’t it? Much appreciation to this wonderful script :slight_smile:

Hey mate , thanks for the nice reply i appreciate that.
I think it’s a reasonable price for this one , also cause the leakers i don’t want that my script is getting leaked from kids… If you know what i mean :smiley:

Best script

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