[RELEASE] [ESX] B1G Notify System - Full costumizable


Today im releasing my personal notification system, enjoy


Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2 Screenshot_3 Screenshot_4 Screenshot_5 Screenshot_6


You have 6 different default notifications!
But dont worry, you can add much more !

There is a /adm command that sends a notification to everyone online (if need to be admin/superadmin to use)



Im no expert in html/css/js, this has a little bugs, you cant spam the notifications or it will kinda break for 4-5 seconds !

Help is appreciated but i wont give much support since i dont have much time !


Download: Here !


To display a notification simply make a call like below (Client-Side) :

exports['b1g_notify']:Notify('type', 'message')

Notification Types

  • Admin only- ‘adm’
  • Error - ‘true’
  • Success - ‘false’
  • Msg- ‘msg’
  • Money- ‘money’
  • Light- ‘light’


Client Side:

exports['b1g_notify']:Notify('true', 'Hey)

Server Side:

TriggerClientEvent('b1g_notify:client:Notify', source, { type = 'true', text = 'Hey' })

This is FREE !

Do not redistribute without permission/crediting

This is a release to the community, please dont profit from it !


nice work dude


looking good :smiley:


Very good release. Thankyou

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Nice work!

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Love it. Ill be using this a lot. Can you tell me how to make the notification show up longer? i messed with the animation time but havent had any luck. Thanks

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In .js, you need to change the waiting times, i made it static i know, but im still developing my js skills ahah, and thanks by the words :wink:

I think my comment was deleted, @IB1G
if it is not uncomfortable I can send you some questions in the private?

how can I get these notifications to the gcphone and other jobs

you can add the export into other jobs

sure, send me a pm

how can i make more lines ? where i have to set up this ?

how you change widht that notify window?

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Very nice, can you make the icon be centered if the text gets double line ? Very nice man ! :wink:

i try if you want

can you give me like your HUD ui pls

some one can help me with , how to add this announces to the jobs?

Dont send individual files, make a pull request on GitHub please

But it’s trew_ui availble on forum :slight_smile: