[Release] InteractionMenu

Multi Purpose FiveM Interaction Menu

Current Version: v1.7.1 [Updated: 15th September 2021]

This resource is a menu with actions for LEO, Fire and Civ including Vehicle Controls and Emotes!

Each section has features that would be used by each of the professions, for example, the LEO Menu has Cuff, Drag, Seat, etc.
Some menu features also have commands out of ease.

Most of the menu’s features can be configured within the config file.


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This is a Standalone Resource!

This resource has no dependencies!


Awesome fucking release man :smiley: i got some ideas u can add if ya wanna listen to them.

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np, I created this for a Community that I develop for and then a friend asked for it, so I decided to release a public version that was easily customizable.

Amazing menu! One thing, when we try to remove a spikestrip with L ALT + Àrrow Up it doesn’t go away. Maybe a bug?

Are you able to put the carbine rifle and shotgun away without having to unrack it?

The menu will keep the gun in your hand whilst unracked until you rack it again in a police vehicle, if you wish to disable this you can head to the client.lua then line 272 and change it to this…

CarbineEquipped = false
ShotgunEquipped = false
local Ped = GetPlayerPed(-1)
while true do
local Ped = GetPlayerPed(-1)
local Veh = GetVehiclePedIsIn(Ped)
local CurrentWeapon = GetSelectedPedWeapon(Ped)

     if CarbineEquipped then
          if (tostring(CurrentWeapon) ~= '-2084633992') and Veh == nil then
               Notify('~y~You must put away your Carbine Rifle')
          --SetCurrentPedWeapon(Ped, 'weapon_carbinerifle', true)			
     if ShotgunEquipped then
          if tostring(CurrentWeapon) ~= '487013001' and Veh == nil then
               Notify('~y~You must put away your Shotgun')
          --SetCurrentPedWeapon(Ped, 'weapon_pumpshotgun', true)


Thank You, during testing this wasn’t an issue, ill have a look into it.:smiley:

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works perfect in my server. may be a bug for you :smiley:

I’ll try reinstalling :wink:

are there any scripts required to use certain things in this menu? If so please post them or link them so we can get them.

also what button is set to open the menu

@PhycoRebelGaming There are no dependant resources, the Default button it M however, you can change this within the config.lua!

hi great release i have one problem when i try to open the menu it dont open

I have a problem where I get randomly cuff within the menu sometimes?

could be your server. are you sure no one is cuffing you?

default button is “M” you can change this in the config.lua. did you try edit the script ?

I thought that at first, I checked logged and nothing was in there. (No one was in the server with me so no one could have done it from in the server). It’s 5am for me now so my memories are not to good right now. But I seam to remember it happening while walking forward with the script open and pressing enter?

hmmm. can u get a video of it ?

Menu works perfectly fine, customizable so you may add more yourself and the vehicle section 10/10. Love all the stuff you got in there! I usually never write to releases but this one has my exception. Great job buddy! Just what i needed for my server!

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Thanks, there will be more features coming out soon once I finish my current project!

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