[Release] Hospital props


Hello everyone,

I share with you this very simple resource allowing you to load the “medical” props of GTA, in Five M! Currently, without this streaming, you can not use these props (mapping).

Streaming textures and collisions of objects, you can now see them!

I stream many other props, if it helps, do not hesitate!


Just place this resource into your [stream] repertory folder and start allcity_medical into your server.cfg !


Download link (too big for my github sorry) :


EDIT : MEGA link posted

cool release! but just use github no? :thinking:

You are wrong, you can use med props without streaming. You have to load a particular ytyp from GTA in the ressource.lua

Edit :
data_file 'DLC_ITYP_REQUEST' 'x64h:/levels/gta5/interiors/int_props/int_medical.rpf/int_medical.ytyp'


I’ll try this, thx a lot for the advice mate !

What location coordinate

Didnt worked for me !
@CLOS this is not a mapping. This si the way to see some props into your mapping (medical props)

Do you know if you can stream the props from this mod? https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/custom-prop. When I try to stream them they show up as invisible props in the server.

What type of files do you have in mate ? Cause if they are drawables and textures yes you can. You’ll just have to create your manifest.ymf and you your proper .ytyp file

As i maid here, but not taking the original GTA one’s. I think it should be a ytyp generator on internet i didnt checked up to be honest

In the download for that mod I can only find .ydr files. Can this work without the .ytd files? Also do you need a manifest file? I don’t know how to make one.

This is not a mod, this a way to make GTA V embedded props load to your five M server.
This is a tool for mappers. Without it, if you create a map using hospital props : they wont load to your five m server. With it : they will, and they wont be invisible !

I know that lol. I was asking if it is possible to stream the files from the link i mentioned above. The MAP I made using those props loads just fine into single player but when I stream the props to the server and try to load the map they are invisible. I can walk into them so the actual props themselves seem to have loaded. Just the textures are not there making it invisible.

Oh ok sorry, so no mate, you’ll always need the ytd files too. But you can create them manually and then you’ll have to create your own ytyp file. But you will always need the ytd and ydr files (not sure if i answer you correclty but you get the idea)

That’s sort of the answer I was looking for lol. I wonder why the props work correctly in single player just not when streaming to a server. I thought it was weird that there were no ytd files included… so do you know of a free program that I can use to create the ytd files?


Is there a way to delete the front doors of the hospital ?
Actually it need teleportation to go in and to go out :confused:

Ofc, but no clue with this release mate.
You can delete an embedded collision / wall using 3DS Max, you can search for more informations on the forum

were would i find the hospital on the map

its not working for me

@Ron_Thomson you miss understood mate. This release make you able to see the medicals props in your Five M server. It load them (if you prefer). Without this release you just can’t see the medical props (if you want to stream another medical ymap or make yours, you’ll need it !). But this is not an entire hospital !