[Release] esx_checkin (Unavailable)


This is my first release, so go easy on me in the replies. This is a hospital script for esx. You check in at the front desk, and you get teleported on one of the 8 beds. You can leave after a set time, where you get billed $500 and you are healed.

Progress Bar
Mythic Notify
Pillbox Hospital MLO
Hospital Props

Add start esx_checkin to your server.cfg



Add a check to see if there is already a player in one of the beds.


Very nice buddy, Keep the great work up!

Possibly, make it tie in with progress bars, So when you press E to check in, It opens a notepad and starts the progress bar, once complete it’ll phase you into the bed, rather than just slapping you in though! Good work!

Nice idea! That could come in the next version.

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looks great. suggestion: add a ped behind the counter to “talk” to

Version 1.1 is out! Thanks for all the suggestions!

Does anyone know how it can be put that when the subject this death revives him?

I was thinking of making it where it revives them, but I ultimately didn’t add it. Its quite easy, so I could add it if you want it.

yes please friend

Great work!

Download newest version again, now revives players.

Thank you very much friend: D

config to change time would be nice. Also, ability to add more hospitals, like paleto and sandy if you have MLOs for them.

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Have you thought about a code that makes it so that when your healed you automatically get out of the bed instead of having to press F? That would be pretty damn good also…

I cant get in the hospital the doors are locked

Nice idea!

Make sure you have the MLO installed correctly.

Not sure if it’s just me, but I just tried it on my test server and it doesn’t revive me.

Works fine for me, make sure you have everything installed correctly.

Everyone needs to re-download! No more key press to leave and new config option. Thanks for all the suggestions.