[Release][FXServer][ES5] CarWash

Quick Disclaimer: this script is an edited version of this one, to add a payment functionality nothing else !

This script adds the ability to wash your car in exchange for money, you can also disable the price and make it free.

repository: https://github.com/TheSpartaPT/FiveM-ES-CarWash

post your issues here: https://github.com/TheSpartaPT/FiveM-ES-CarWash/issues

downloads: https://github.com/TheSpartaPT/FiveM-ES-CarWash/releases
latest version: 1.6.1

vRP version: [Release][FXServer][vRP] CarWash


Finally thanks ! :smiley: !!

i got you :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice !
Can I contact you with a tool like Discord, or something like that ? :slight_smile:

through discord would be fine, send me a pm with your server invite url if you don’t want to make it public …

nicely done im gonna try that right now :wink:

Works perfectly ! :slight_smile:

if you liked my and Antoine work could you please like this topic so it gets more attention ? :smiley:

The money save in MySQL ?

did you read the README.md on my github repo ? no, it doesn’t use mysql, it has a variable called price and you need to change the value (default = $100) to whatever you need it is inside “carwash_server.lua”

Soory i i didn’t read thanks

Thanks for your release, i’ll check this tonight on my server :slight_smile:

@Scapin if i was you i’d wait a bit i’m going to release a new version soon with a new setting (and security improvements ?)

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hello everyone 1.2 is out go download the new version.


the depencie link is broken

Thanks for reporting that issue going to fix it right now and push the update …

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any chance of adapting this to use Vrp most people are straying away from esmode these days and it is a much better all in one framework , thanks in advance for any input and scipts :smiley:

I’ll do it but not right now maybe later today

thanks a lot no rush but really appreciate any work you put in i like this script (having used it on revo server)

hello @SofaKingToxic, can you check your DMs please ?