[Release] vRP Framework


(vRP 2 released: [Release] vRP Framework)

So, about 1 month ago, I started vRP, a RP framework for FiveM.

I clearly lost some vital energy here, especially the first weeks developing it.
Now it’s looking good, it’s still a work in progress, and there are issues, but it is complete enough to build some interesting RP interactions.

Everything you need to know is on the github project page: https://github.com/ImagicTheCat/vRP

discord: removed check GitHub

Small example video (harvest, trunk, home) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxZmha7cAvM
Home radio component: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UP-08HxwtSU
Multi-character and vehicle state: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1h3lkYD5uy0

I made this thread to discuss about the project and to help each others about the configuration or the API. Issues or feature requests should be done in the github issues section.

I created an extension for vRP, so you can now look at it to understand how to create simple resources using vRP: https://github.com/ImagicTheCat/vRP-basic-mission
TCG in GTA ? Why not: https://github.com/ImagicTheCat/vRP-TCG


PS: Don’t private message me to get help, THIS IS the help topic.


Hi guy,
I’m French and I’ve already seen your github looking for fiveM scripts.
I would like to know if have used those scripts can be used with essentialmode?


i will definitely give these a shot and see :wink: good job tho

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To my knowledge, essentialmode use an old MySql.Data.dll version, and only one can be loaded. Maybe it is possible by loading vRP before essentialmode in the resource list, but that can break things.

Thanks for you contribution. Looks interesting! I’ll setup a test server for sure.

can’t seem to respawn

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So first of all, good evening, I’m DKSklaypex I would like to get in touch with you, I would have a proposal, as well as questions to ask you, if that does not bother you? Your framework, is just … beautiful … nothing to say, only modifications according to the little test I have done, here is my skype: dksklaypex75018 my teamspeak: serv.dutyofgames.com
------- i’m sorry i use google translate ------


Alors tout d’abord, bonsoir, je me nomme DKSklaypex je voudrais prendre contact avec toi, j’aurais une propositions, ainsi que des questions a te poser, si cela ne te déranges pas? ton framework, est tout juste… magnifique… rien a redire, seulement des modifications selon le petit test que j’ai fais , voici mon skype: dksklaypex75018 mon teamspeak: serv.dutyofgames.com

Our community is very grateful for your wonderful scripts. Sure it will be most popular RP framework.



use FiveM private messages for this kind of things.

essentialmode actually used a beta 7.0.3 version. He’s using a 6.9.9 which is the recommended one.

Has anyone used this tunnel stuff on a full server? Seems like another point of failure and unless it works 100% of the time, you can’t really rely on it to handle core system functionality. It’s super interesting, but can’t you just use TriggerClientEvent(‘teleport’, source, posx, posy, posz) ???

Our server 24/24 worked without failures and reboots 35 hours on this framework.

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Didn’t know that, there are things I don’t understand in the Mono/.NET world, versioning seems to be one of them.

About the tunnel, it’s only a layer on top of TriggerClientEvent, with additional stuff. For example, the tunnel events are delayed when joining the server to prevent client spam (was a cause of instance issues).

is there no ems or cloakroom blips?

You can add them manualy

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and what about the ems job, is there one? for the comas

also fine, isn’t working.

There is coma, doctors who save people and the pills that heal.

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I can’t find the doctor job nor the pills, nor the medkit or any of the cloakroom, also can’t figure out the drugs thing

Please take your time to understand/setup everything before asking for help.

I did, I can’t find anything for a medkit or the doctor job, their is police, tax, and civ. anyone can become a police aswell?