[Release][FXServer][vRP] CarWash

For everyone waiting for a version of es_carwash for vrp, it’s finally here!

This script adds the ability to wash your car in exchange for money, you can also disable the price and make it free.

repository: https://github.com/TheSpartaPT/FiveM-vRP-CarWash

post your issues here: https://github.com/TheSpartaPT/FiveM-vRP-CarWash/issues

downloads: https://github.com/TheSpartaPT/FiveM-vRP-CarWash/releases
latest version: 1.1.1

EssentialMode version: [Release][FXServer][ES5] CarWash


Stolen? someone posted this all ready

no, it was me, i made the essentialmode and the vrp versions

Attempting to get this to run on my server and for some odd reason it is telling me that it cannot load vrp_carwash, I have the vrp framework an all. However it is the Psycho edited version perhaps this is conflicted somehow?

@bb13 doubt it, can you send me the console logs ? are other vrp scripts working ?

Hmm Im not getting any errors what so ever in the log says it loads up fine everything is good. But when I connect it kicks me right away before loading saying that it cannot load resource vrp_carwash

@bb13 try to delete your client cache folder, beware you will have to download a lot of stuff the first time you enter fivem after deleting the folder

@bb13 i found the cause of your problem idk if you still want the script, it was a lack of 2 “_” instead of 1 on the resource.lua file name

anyways i’m updating the script now, it will now work with or without vrp just make sure if you want it without vrp to equal “enableprice” to false

1.1 out

Fixes “Unable to load vrp_carwash” and you are now able to run the script without vRP as long as the variable “enableprice” is equal to “false”

1.1.1 out

new carwash location added (at sandy shores)

How do you change the blip name ?

line 414

AddTextComponentString("Loja de Animais")

oops sorry wrong resource, thought you where talking about my new vrp pets,
you need to create the blip the same way i did on vrp pets you just need to do the same, like this

AddTextComponentString("INSERT NAME HERE")

Now it work :wink: Thanks

Can you tell me how i can get this circle on the ground. i have tried to change DrawMarker but don’t work :slight_smile:

@The_Beast -1 on the Z of the coordinate (the third value)

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Thanks working great :slight_smile:

Hello how to change car wash to someting else like autowash?
I see if you change blip the name changes to blips name why?