[Release] CarWash

New carwash updated whit money :wink: made by @TheSpartaPT


very nice dude i totally didn’t see something like this coming a long such a simple feature

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yes im looking for all kind of usefull thing like that :slight_smile:

you should totally take a look at the FiveM Scripts github maybe you can contribute a bit to improve simple stuff like this in some of the mods were working on that are public https://github.com/FiveM-Scripts

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ho nice stuff thx for the link :stuck_out_tongue:

yea theres a discord link in the instructions u can join us there for discussions updates testing etc

That needs two parameters. You forgot to add the dirt level to set it to!

well its work fine but like i said the script need to be fix :slight_smile:

oups sry i paste the wrong code XD

Ah, okay. I didn’t check the actual code in the download. At work. :wink:

you was right i update it

I just see I do a mistake in my own srcipt, and I just fix it:

Citizen.CreateThread(function ()
	for i = 1, #vehicleRepairStation do
		garageCoords = vehicleRepairStation[i]
		stationBlip = AddBlipForCoord(garageCoords[1], garageCoords[2], garageCoords[3])
		SetBlipSprite(stationBlip, 100) --100 = carwash
		SetBlipAsShortRange(stationBlip, true)

Add return juste before the “end” to avoid blip spamming and to make game laggy!

Like that, the adding of blip is doing just 1 time :wink:

EDIT: After not before, sorry !

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okay ty its updated now

new version everyone go there [Release][FXServer][ES5] CarWash