[RELEASE] [FREE] Auto Engine Repair Shops

Based on es_carwash by ‘EssentialMode 5 CarWash by TheSpartaPT.’

FiveM Mechanic Shop

Drive in and hit Enter to repair engine damage to your vehicle.

Optional Dependencies

EssentialMode Base


1- Drag and Drop the cp_mechanic_auto_shop folder into the resources/[local] folder;

2- add this line “start cp_mechanic_auto_shop” on “server.cfg” near the end of your start and ensure lists.

Extremelly important: if you’re using EssentialMode step 2 needs to be bellow the “start essentialmode” line so the dependencies load first.

Optional (notepad++ recommended)

If you wish to make the repairs free open “cp_mechanic_server.lua” and edit the value on the variable “enableprice” to “false”

If you wish to edit how much money is spent to wash the car open “cp_mechanic_server.lua” and edit the value on the variable “price” to whatever number you want.

Protoford/cp_mechanic_auto_shop: FiveM GTAV ES Engine Repair Shop (github.com)


Why would you still use essential mode :rofl:

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I must be an ancient fool.

I would suggest you use PlayerPedId() instead of GetPlayerPed(-1) as its faster then id also suggest changing GetDistanceBetweenCoords to lua math, also would add some checks to your events as people with executors will exploit this.

Thank you, will give it a try.

No worries glad i could help.

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Why EssentialMode?
Legacy Bro


Updated GetPlayerPed(-1) to PlayerPedId() and uploaded to the original GitHub link.

script does not work, it does not repair the car or even i am not getting charged for anything

Hi, this script set repairs the engine only. Stops it from smoking etc. Default is free but Config can be changed from FALSE to TRUE to have it charge. If you want the autobody to be repaired, you may want this companion script.