[RELEASE] B1G Prop System / +27 Default Props / Full Costumizable / RP Improvement


Today im releasing my personal prop system, enjoy


You have 27 default props included
But dont worry, you can add much more!

The singularity in this script is that, you can place infinite props, and still grab them all one by one, you can place road cones, you can place barriers, medbags, what ever prop that exists in gta 5.

Even if you disconnect and then connect, you still can interact with the props, and MORE, you can grab default gta 5 props that are in the map by default !

To add new props, you simple need to add the name, and define some bone coords (dont touch if you dont know).


Video URL


I wont give much support since i dont have much time !


Download: Here !


Do not redistribute without permission/crediting

This is a release to the community, please dont profit from it !


Looks absolutely fantastic man!


You are amazing <3

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Link? i cant see the video


What is this exactly good for? https://github.com/CarlosVergikosk/B1G_PROPS/blob/master/b1g_props/prop.lua#L195


This function does not even exist in the script.

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I’m pretty sure that’s a function baked into lua itself.

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You are correct! My bad.
Did not know there was a garbage collector in lua.

Actually pretty interesting :slight_smile:

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You are awesome dude, I love you!

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Would this script be possible without the ESX dependency?

Yes, i only imported ESX because of the notification xD

cant view video

Url under the video :wink:

you have a new pull request :wink: as i made it non esx

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merged :wink: Thank you!

i recommand you remove esx from the title

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You sir are a god.

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Works great. Love it!

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Is this server side or client side script?

If you open fxmanifest you gonna find yours answer :wink: