[RELEASE] B1G Prop System / +27 Default Props / Full Costumizable / RP Improvement

Is there a list of all props or all /commands for the props

it is awesomeeee <3 Very nice working. Thank you <3

is it possible to make it for non esx servers i would love to use it in my server plz

This is standalone, no need for ESX

gotcha how do i create a resource file for it or does it just run like that? drag and drop?

drag and drop… (?)

Anyone know how to add a certain job prop spawn? Like only police can spawn cones

When I move props from the world that have spawned by default, it can’t be seen by other players. They can’t see the object in my hand. Is there a patch on the way?

Awesome script by the way, it could seriously be revolutionary!

Do you use onesync?

I’m sorry, but I’m not sure. I haven’t been able to figure out exactly what OneSync is or does. :sweat:

This script is awesome, not sure how well is working on OneSync, cuz yea…
Is there any chance to have ace permissions or other permissions?

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How do you delete the props you’ve placed?

When i spawn a prop the other player cant see

can you help me with that?

same problem hope the dev from this script can help @IB1G , but i can`t see the props and the other no one, have everone a fix for this ?

not onesync compatible

yes unfortunately i hope the script developer, will hear from you soon

You cant change the __resource to fxmanifest, otherwise props stop working, dont ask me why tho.

okay thanks for your answer @IB1G
what exactly do I have to change from fxmanifest to _resource.lua to make it work again ?

greets Avitamin

props are still invisible

still invisible can everone help ?