[QBCore, ESX, Any Framework, Standalone] Caravan Housing + 4 Interiors

Showcase video

ScriptsM Caravan - Live in camper with your friends!

I am glad to present you this script that will allow you to buy your camper and ride it around the state with your friends, live in it and get high.


  • People in the camper are traveling with the car, people will get out of the camper at the place where the car stopped.

  • You can integrate it for every inventory system with stashes, by default there is options for Standalone, QBCore and ESX frameworks, server side is open. Stashes can be turned off

  • 2 unique interiors of campers included.

  • You can configure every vehicle/add new vehicles by config. Change interiors for every vehicle, stash slots, stash weight and etc…

  • If vehicle is locked - you can’t enter camper

  • Ox Target and QB Target integration

  • Exports for getting stash slots count and weight by vehicle name

  • Well optimized

  • Fast support and regular updates

Config file:

Interior showcase:

Dirty Journey Interior

Clean Journey Interior

Camper Interior

Camper Interior 2

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| Code is accessible | Yes |
| Subscription-based | No |
| Lines (approximately) | 250 |
| Requirements | No |
| Support | Yes |


Add Ox Target , as option instead of Draw text and i will buy right away.

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Added integration for Ox_target and qb-target


  • Added new variation of Camper interior
  • Added exports to get Stash Weight and Stash slots count from vehicle name
  • Added docs file with interior positions, all exports and how to use exports


Added clean variation of Journey Interior


Optimized to 0.03ms in all scenarios

Added to script test server

Open Source package is now available HERE [20$ + Taxes]