TEMPERATURE - Get cold, desease or heat. Heal by pills and heatpack

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ScriptsM Temperature - Get cold, desease or heat.

This script will allow you to get cold, desease or heat depending on weather type, time, clothes and much more options.


  • The temperature depends on the clothes, the weather, the time, the place, the wetness and the campfire

  • Set custom clothing bonuses: You can set different temperature bonus for every clothing

  • You may get sick if you stay out in the cold for a long time. It can be cured with pills and heat.

  • The more the character is not treated, the more difficult it will be to do this in the future.

  • Based on ox and qb. Custom coughing, cold sound for male and female is included and playing by InteractSound

  • The character sounds depend on the gender

  • Well optimized




P.s: On server type /giveitem [your id] [pills, thermometer or heatpack] [1] to give item that working with this script

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Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 400
Requirements InteractSound
Support Yes

This lookin crazy, GG :heart:

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Interesting, gjj

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Looks really cool! it says the temp depends on the clothes and what not and I didn’t see it in the documentation but is it possible to pick clothing numbers in order to stay warm, get too hot, etc.? so players can have that realism when it comes to attire in a server.

If you about clothing drawable id’s - I have a idea for it, but i think that’s too hard to add 3k+ drawables to config for custom clothing packs. Now it works only like: If you have any clothing in this slot, it will add you an temp, and doesnt matter this is jacket or tshirt.

Of course, if people need it, I’ll add it :slight_smile:

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Ya that is basically what I am talking about, there could just be a few drawable id’s set then it can be configured for the clothing numbers being added manually by whoever wants to add them which I would for my server lol :slight_smile:

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Added custom clothing support for Temperature script.

Now you can config clothing drawable ids and bonus that their gives to player. If clothing on player is not in config, default bonus applys.

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Added separation for male and female clothing ids

Added exports GetCurrentTemp and IsDeseaseActive.

AWSOME!! :fire:

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