[QB-CORE] FiveM Trains, Works with OX, QB inventories and target systems. You can integrate your own framework

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This script returns trains to the game, you can buy tickets, ride around the city with your friends on the subway, or get on a freight train and drive to the Blaine County


  • Seat and walk in passenger trains and walk on cargo trains, doors in passenger train is closing
  • Buy tickets if you have QB-CORE, then ticket add to your inventory and removes if you ride train. You can make it works standalone, you will be able to buy tickets, without paying money.
  • Support for QB, OX inventories and target systems, also you can integrate your own notifications
  • Server side is open to change, you can integrate your own framework or change something.
  • Incredible config file, you can customize absolutely all things in this script.
  • Blip for trains on map(You can disable it)
  • Works with “no npc” plugins
  • /trains command to disable trains(You can disable it)
  • Fast support and regular updates
  • Tested with my buddies, works beautiful.
  • In all scenarios resmon is 0.02 ms

Config file:

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ESX Version of this script: Click

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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 400
Requirements Qb-core, or standalone
Support Yes

Hey nice release, can you showcase seating too? Whats the resmon? Also was it testet in servers with a lot of people?

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I can’t right now showcase seating, i’m only know that one sit animation is not working, like /e sitchair. Because this animation leaves you in one place, but other is working well. I’m tested it on 10 players server, working well.

Hello, interesting script!

  • Is it possible that you provide the resmon in different situations?
  • Is it OneSync Infinity compatible?

This is very important these days. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi. Sorry but i don’t understand first question.

Yes, it’s onesync infinity compatitable…

I remember buying your first version, asking you for an update on the unnecessary excessive consumption of your script (resmon), you always ignored me even though I had just bought it.

So my question is how much this new version of the script consumes in several scenarios. (Script consumption when in use, near a metro for example, in the metro and script consumption when at rest).

FiveM → F8 → resmon 1

Okay, it hasn’t changed, it’s huge… Thanks for the reply.

I think you should specify it in your post for better transparency.

I’m working of perfomance now.


Both versions optimized to 0.03 ms
For ESX version there’s now more config parameters

How are the trains with desync? Does the cargo train sometimes parse out and glitch?

Every single train script ive bought, has had that same issue.

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Added an next station/current station interface. Can be disabled in config.


Added an option to disable metro trains/freight trains.


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