Change train speed [resource]

ScriptsM Change train speed

Today i’m showing you simple resource that allows you to change train/metro speed on different tracks, brake path distance and make trains/metro don’t stop on stations.


  1. Download resource from GitHub
  2. Put resource folder into your server and type start ScriptsM-ChangeTrainSpeed at server.cfg
  3. Change speed and brakingDist values in traintracks.xml to change train speed on current track or braking dist

Tracks info:

trackId    File    Description
0    trains1.dat    Main track around SA
1    trains2.dat    Davis Quartz Quarry branch
2    trains3.dat    Second track alongside live track along Roy Lewenstein Blv.
3    trains4.dat    Metro track circuit
4    trains5.dat    Branch in Mirror Park Railyard
5    trains6.dat    Branch in Mirror Park Railyard
6    trains7.dat    LS branch to Mirror Park Railyard
7    trains8.dat    Overground part of metro track along Forum Dr.
8    trains9.dat    Branch to Mirror Park Railyard
9    trains10.dat    Yankton train
10    trains11.dat    Part of metro track near mission row
11    trains12.dat    Yankton prologue mission train

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Well Done!

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is there working train script for esx

Yes, of course. [ESX Framework, Standalone] Trains