AOP DISCORD BOT | Automatic AOP polls, auto sending results on server

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Hello! Today i’m releasing discord bot + script that allows you to automatically send AOP polls at certain time, day of week by bot. Poll have percent bar for every option, count of player that voted for one options and whole player count that voted. players can vote only for one option. In time that you configured poll is finishing and sending poll results, then showing it on server.


  • Bot sending AOP poll at a certain time and day of the week itself.

  • Then, after a while, he completes the voting and transfers the result to show in the game

  • Poll has percent bar, percent text and total voted players count

  • Configure options of poll, weekdays and poll start/end time.

  • Documentation and support for installation


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os docss

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Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 300
Requirements No
Support Yes