[Paid] Owned Banks & Robberies



  • Purchase & Own A Bank
  • ATM Robberies (Removes Profit From Bank)
  • Money Deliveries (Hunt & Rob Bank Owners For Rewards)
  • Earn Profits From All Player Transactions At Your Bank
  • Emergency Alarm & Police Alerts
  • Free QB Banking Restyle Included
  • Easily Integrate With Other Banking Scripts

Video Demonstration

Buy Now $17.99 + Tebex Charges

Rob Bank Owners For Cash Rewards
When a bank owner is doing a mission, your Discord will be notified and the truck can be seen on the map by all players. The criminal that kills the bank owner will be rewarded. If tha bank owner completes the mission, they earn a cash reward!.

Steal ATM Machines & Cash
A criminal can use robe to pull an ATM machine from the wall. Profits will be removed from whatever bank owns the ATM machine and robberies effect bank owners profits

Bank Owner’s Menu

Free QB Bank Restyle Included
You can use any bank script you like, however I have supplied my version of banking which has been edited already to update each bank profits when players interact with each bank. It has also been restyled as shown below.

ESX Owned Banks?
I will happily convert to ESX if enough people want it, so hit the like button.

How Do Bank Owners Earn Profit?
Everytime a citizen deposits money into the bank, a commission will be added to the bank owners profits. For example if a citizen deposited $20,000 into the bank, then 10% would be added into the bank owners profits giving them $2000 profit.

What Sort Of Updates Do You Have Planned?
I want to add recruitment features, allowing bank owners to hire security and workers. Along with other security features. Also look to add full bank robbery with cash robbery from vaults with unique mini games. I also wish to improve the menus and overall update and improve the styling as its all very basic currently, hence the low price.

How Many Banks Are For Sale?
It comes with all 8 major banks including pacific bank

Will lit work with okokBanking or other banks?
Yes, I have one premade and can happily send it to you. It will work with any bank

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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 3000
Requirements qbcore
Support Yes

Insane :fire:


Will it integrate with okokBanking?


looks insane, does this still work with bankrobbery?

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Yes it will, if you have any issues message me via Discord and I can help you edit okokbanking to work :two_hearts:


thank you so much for your help seems everything is fixed and working great

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Yes, if have other bank robbery scripts they will all work as normal. You can even edit the bank robbery scripts to remove profits from the owned banks etc


thats cool !

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Nice Release! I would definitely buy it if there was a version for esx

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Thanks for your comment! I will aim to have an ESX version done very soon!

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dose this work with codem banking

It can work with any bank script - if you want your bank script to add profit every time someone deposits money into each bank, you would have to edit the CodeM banking script. I can help if you get stuck but the script comes with a guide

I Want a ESX Vision