[PAİD] [ESX] Barbecue Job - (Npc Customers & UI )



You set up the barbecue anywhere you want and start working.You choose the start-up option and start waiting for customers (npc).If you take an order from the incoming customer, you accept this order to prepare it, or you refuse to prepare it and you start waiting for a new customer.You have to light the barbecue fire to prepare the orders.After you prepare the orders, you deliver them to the customer , If you give poor service, the customer does not pay and walks away.After you finish your work, you can choose the quit job option and collect your barbecue and get away.There are 1 fixed barbecue and 1 fixed beverage cabinet in the script.If you want, you can use it actively in this cabinet.


  • There is a reputation system, you start with 1 reputation at a time and selling increases your reputation
  • As your reputation increases, the speed of finding tips and customers increases.
  • Providing poor service to customers, refusing orders will reduce your reputation somewhat.
  • If you fight with incoming customers, people talk about you and you lose a lot of reputation.
  • As your reputation decreases, your tip amount decreases and the time to find customers increases, if you are under a certain reputation, no one wants to be your customer, you will spread a bad reputation in the city.
  • You receive random orders from customers and display it with a UI (order slip), either confirm this order and start working, or reject it, send the customer and wait for the new customer.
  • It has very low resmon values and is optimized ,
  • Resmon values are 0.01
  • You can easily add the items and npc models you want.
  • You can make it public or professional, and you can also use it with commands or items.
  • no ip lock and no encryption /(Distribution is prohibited!)

Dependency →

ESX Framework, mythic_notify , bt-target


:shopping_cart: If you’re still here to buy

:red_car: Car Supermod

:oncoming_automobile: Rgb Headlight

:iphone: UI Object Spawner - LSPD phone design

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is there an option to disable bt-target?

If there is a request, I can make the unused version of bt-target.