[Release] [Standalone] Target Tracking

Here a simple target tracking script that tracks where your player is looking at. Coords and models can be used. You can add multiple payphone models for example and when your player looks at it. It activates the UI to trigger an event. Polyzones can be used also. Its uses 0.00 ms (0.16% CPU Time) when idle. This can be used in multiple scripts to help with optimisation. Press ALT to activate. Using RegisterKeyMapping removes the need of checking if the key has been pressed in a thread and players can customise the keybind in the ESCAPE menu.

Examples and extra details can be found on the GitHub read me. This was quickly done and messy so I will improve it soon and also add more options when hovering over the target.

UPDATED (23/02/2021)

  • If you used this before the update please update your exports to support the new changes
  • Added support for more options per target.
  • Added support for PEDS
  • Updated preview
  • Read github read me for example to add more options

Download: GitHub - brentN5/bt-target
Dependencies: GitHub - mkafrin/PolyZone: PolyZone is a FiveM mod to define zones of different shapes and test whether a point is inside or outside of the zone
Icons: https://fontawesome.com/


Photo: https://i.imgur.com/iOU049q.png
Video: Desktop 2021.02.22 -
Updated Video: update

Not providing support. I might upload a private version in the future that doesn’t have poopy code.


Seems nice, been waiting this for sure a pretty long time. Keep it up!

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Nice release! Looking forward to the more options per target update!

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How can make this work with player ped? seem it only work with coord and model

Can you add multiple options per Zone or Prop?

Edit: nvm i cant read.

Good job.Nice script.

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How can you add more then one option to a single AddBoxZone?

Read the post. You can’t yet.

Where does it say that?
If you are referring to this, that is a very unclear statement as it could mean different things.

This was quickly done and messy so I will improve it soon and also add more options when hovering over the target.

Looks promising once been updated :wink: and extra option added

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At the moment no. There will be an update today to support that.

Spliting Utils part and Nui parts as two lua will be nice.

I am aware of that. Will also be in the update today. I will also add vehicles bones. So you can peak at specific parts of the vehicle. Like when you fuel you can look at the fuel tank of the car etc.


I’ve been trying to work out in this awesome project. just a lil bit problem with event = “binevent” i’m stock here trying to trigger an Event Like Duty bit its not working can you please give me an example how you work out in Even = “” function?

maybe do a video showing how to do it ?

Hey. You could do something like this.

	AddBoxZone("PoliceDuty", vector3(441.79, -982.07, 30.69), 0.4, 0.6, {
    }, {
		event = "police:toggleduty",
		icon = "far fa-clipboard",
		label = "Toggle Duty",
		distance = 1.5

AddEventHandler('police:toggleduty', function()
    if PlayerJob ~= "police" then return Notification("You dont have access to this") end
    onDuty = not onDuty

Don’t copy the insides of the event as I just made this up.

The new update will also have a job check so only specific jobs can open the target.

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uwu thanks mate this one is pretty optomized and so damn nice thanks for thins one <3

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what line would i put this coz im using the np inspired one ??

Looks great! Good job :clap:

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I don’t understand what you are saying.