FREE - Object Spawn [STANDALONE]

Search for the object you want, after you find your object, enter its name and click the spawn button, to delete it again, click the delete button while the object name is written and next to the object.

Features : Nearly low resmon value 0.01 , Easy access to all objects , Authorization on Steam hex.

DOWNLOAD : Tebex or Github

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this works with qb-core?

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It’s almost standalone, you can use it just by changing 2 3 esx functions, I’ll translate it when I’m available

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Github has been updated and a standalone version has been added to the script,Use the folder named Standalone and replace the trigger inside the msg() functions with your own notify trigger

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thanks. will give it a try now.

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what does this mean lol
tells me that when i try to /build

It says you are not authorized for this, you must enter the information of the license system you use in server.lua, steam hex, citizenid or rockstar license.

Found it thanks, didn’t realise there was permission requirements.

Have now noticed it appears to only be client sided other players can’t see your props :frowning:

CreateObject(data.objname, playerCoords.x + 1.25, playerCoords.y, playerCoords.z -1, true, true, true)
I forgot to fix this for the standalone version, just change the inside of the createobject native like this

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good job mate !

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Thanks bro.

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Do you happen to know of a way to attach props/objects to a vehicle?

I’m not sure but you can check out this native AttachEntityToEntity - Natives @ Docs