[How-To] Remove the bridge using a new or existing loading screen resource

How to remove the bridge from your server loading screen using a new or existing loading screen resource

In this short tutorial, you will learn how to remove the bridge from your server loading screen using a new or existing loading screen resource. For your convenience, code snippets have been provided, and an example is given at the end.


  • A very basic understanding of LUA

  1. Open your loading screen resource, or create a new folder.
  2. Open or create the fxmanifest.lua file.
  3. Add these lines of code:
  1. Open or create a client.lua file.
  2. Add these lines of code:


  1. Start your server and enjoy.


I hope you find this helpful; if you have any problems post in the comments below and I will do my best to assist you. If you think you have a better way of implementing either of the above, by all means, please let me know and I will be happy to update the post for everyone’s benefit.



Try an later event maybe, like playerSpawned

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A good idea, which I’ll implement now, however, it will require an additional step to ensure it only runs one time, on player spawn, and not every time, i.e. after a player dies and respawns, hence why I didn’t originally consider it :stuck_out_tongue:


Simple, but complex beyond the average server operators imagining. Thank you @ChristopherM you are King of today!

Easy to understand, simple and to the point!


Dosnt work Intro loadsforever

That’s likely because you did not add the client script correctly.

This is what i added is uder my __resources file because my loading screen didnt come with client.lua

Have you tried the example resource?

Yeah just did and still the same Load the momeny bar my thirst and huger and I hear the game but my intro is stuck

Works fantastic! Thanks man <3

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Works a charm :slight_smile: Thank you.

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I tried your feature and I’m still getting this screen and another bug is now happening I’m going to stop at the airport

Perhaps it is conflicting with another resource, because a flyover the airport is not base game.

I think this error is coming from spawnmanager, I don’t understand much about script

I am using notpad C ++ and looked at all the scripts, searched the lines of yours to compare to a similar script and didn’t find it. I am using ESX.
Can you tell me why this happened a few days ago?

Still cant make it work I really need help All the hud load but Intro stays and never goes away,Followed all the instructions

Don’t know how to help you sorry, works for me and many others.

I finally got it to work,Dewlete everithing and follow carefully your guide

works perfectly thanks :ok_hand:

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I’m using synn-loadscreen and this doesn’t work for me.
I’ve done everything in the resource lua and client lua

The loading screen just doesn’t go…
Anyone know a fix?