[FREE] [Standalone] Visual Core Notify

Simple and good looking notifications [STANDALONE] with exports
Easily configurable and fully optimized!


  • System notification
  • Information notification
  • Success notification
  • Error notification
  • Warning notification
  • SMS notification
  • Left/Right position options
  • Exports
  • Easily changeable notification colors
  • Active & Idle: 0.00ms
  • Last Updated: 07/06/2022
  • Built On: Standalone
  • Type: Open Source

:file_folder: Tebex download
:link: Direct Download (VCore-Noti.zip) (77.8 KB)

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Great Work!

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Thank you!

Great script

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Glad you like it! :smiley:

Please can you add to GitHub

There is direct download link my brother, why would you need github?

dont have option for TriggerClientEvent?

Why would you need TriggerClientEvent if it has exports? :smiley:

He probably wants to trigger notify`s from the server side

Nice release by the way!

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Exactly, sorry my english is bad

Unfortunately yes, it does not have Triggers.

Makes it easier when I am trying to get updates sorry.