[PAID] [ESX] Visual Core Character Creator (Source Code)

Clean, simple and optimized character creation UI with easy configuration [ESX]


  • Clean and easily configurable UI
  • Source Code
  • Each player has its own world while creating character
  • Changeable spawn position after creating character (config)
  • Changeable character creation position (config)
  • Config.SpawnLocation (Spawn location coordinates (after confirming char creation))
  • Config.CharSelectLocation (Character creation coordinates)
  • Last Updated: 09/06/2022
  • Built On: ESX
  • Type: Source Code
  • Active: 0.01-0.03ms
  • Idle: 0.00ms

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Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 600
Requirements ESX, esx_skin, skinchanger
Support Yes (Discord)

Sheeesh Looks Awesome!

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Thank you :heart:

may you consider making a QBCore Version? if not no Problem

If we will get more interest for QBCore version, then for sure!


hello do i need to configure the skinchanger to work with this?
works with multicharacter and without multicharacter?
legacy 1.7?

Hello, yes it does work on any ESX version, skinchanger configuration is not required.
Works with multicharacter, and without.
Visual Core Team

thanks I’ll buy it when I get home

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Very good work, I am also interested in a QB version.

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Interested in QB version