[PAID] [ESX] Visual Core Banking (Source Code)

Simple, fully responsive and optimized Banking UI [ESX]
UI can be easily configured in HTML/CSS .
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  • Withdraw function
  • Deposit function
  • Transfer money to another player (NEW)
  • Recent transaction history
  • Real time transaction history, cash and bank balance updates
  • All transactions are saved in database
  • Text, currency can be configured in config.lua
  • Bank locations, ATM locations can be added/removed in config.lua
  • Fully responsive
  • Clean and simple UI design
  • Source Code
  • Fully optimized

  • Idle: 0.00ms
  • Active: 0.01-0.03ms
  • Last Updated: 14/06/2022
  • Built On: ESX
  • Type: Source Code

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Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 150
Requirements ESX
Support Yes (Discord)
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And how about option - transfer to another person money ?

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This is already on our to do list.
We will release it on our upcoming update! :slight_smile:

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We’ve just released new update on our banking!

What’s new:
1. Added new function: transfer money to other players
2. Added new configurables (config.lua) : ATM locations, ATM blips settings, additional ATM settings
3. Added new transaction history: TRANSFERS

New UI design for ATMs

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What is this with the overloaded weird UIs these days ? Why there is a guy with money in his hands and a safe at the down left corner ? Idk why you dont use a modern clean ui (like the “big” scripts seller or any other professional coder which makes a UI).
I just wanted to say that, maybe some guys love this type of design, but in my opinion you could have much more costumers.

Thank you for your feedback,
We will consider your idea.