[PAID] [ESX/QBCore] Visual Core Solar Panels (Source Code)

Visual Core present you highly configurable, well optimized and easily changeable modern UI solar panel system built for ESX & QBCore framework

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When solar panel battery is ready to be collected (after all required repairs)

When solar panel needs to be repaired

  • Modern, customizable UI
  • Easy configuration (config.lua)
  • Removing solar panels (only for owners)
  • Repairing solar panels (can repair both: owners and non-owners)
  • Collecting battery from fully repaired solar panels (can collect both: owners and non-owners)
  • Viewing information about solar panels (can be accessed for both: owners and non-owners)
  • Built in simple battery sell point system (can be enabled or disabled in config.lua file)
  • All solar panels are saved in database so they wonโ€™t disappear after server restart!
  • Customize how many solar panels player can place in total
  • Customize how many repairs needed until player can collect battery
  • Customize time needed until player can repair their solar panel
  • Customize where players can and cannot place solar panels (config.lua)
  • Prop model can be changed in config.lua
  • Very well optimized resource
  • This system can be changed to any other system, not only solar panels as you can change prop model, notifications and all text used in UI by configuring config.lua

  • Last Updated: 17/06/2022
  • Built On: ESX and QBCore
  • Type: Source Code or FiveM Escrow protected
  • Idle: 0.00ms
  • Active: 0.00-0.03ms

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Code is accessible Yes (Source Code) No (Escrow)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1000
Requirements ESX (all versions) or QBCore
Support Yes (Discord)
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We have made QBCore version of this resource!

Price is lowered and we added source code versions of this resource.

What do I need this for now, what is the point?

You can implement this system to any other system.
For example: After fixing the solar panel, you get battery. Battery can only be obtained from solar panels which means they are rare thus it makes players to fight for batteries and solar panels. Batteries can be used wherever you make them usable for.
This idea was taken from GrandRP server.

Not nice copying something 1 to 1 and then selling it for a high price or even selling it.