[PAID] [ESX] Visual Core Lumberjack (Experience & Level system)

Advanced, fully optimized with nice UI Lumberjack job for your Roleplay server with built-in experience & level system. This job is inspired by GrandRP and made for ESX framework.
Escrow protected and source code are both available for purchase!

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UI menu

  • Modern, customizable UI
  • Player experience display in UI
  • Level 2 required experience display in UI
  • Easy configuration (config.lua)
  • Chopping trees (Level 2)
  • Carrying planks to a specific spot (can be editable in config.lua) (Level 1)
  • Tree locations can be changed in config.lua
  • Plank pick-up locations can be changed in config.lua
  • Built in level and experience system (everything is configurable in config.lua)
  • All players’ experience are saved in database
  • Custom notifications can be used (config.lua)
  • Very well optimized resource

  • Last Updated: 21/06/2022
  • Built On: ESX
  • Type: Source Code or FiveM Escrow protected
  • Idle: 0.00ms
  • Active: 0.01-0.07ms

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Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 700
Requirements ESX
Support Yes (Discord)
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Good release love it

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Glad you liked it!

In level 2 chopping tree, please implement need a specific item to chop, like axe…

In next new release.why don’t you try something for gangs, like turf system.or gang job system

We will do that in the next update :slight_smile:

And about gangs we will think about your suggestion! Thank you :heart:

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