[ESX] [QBCORE] Location Items

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Tebex for ESX version: https://r3ps4j-fivem.tebex.io/package/4648482
Tebex for QBCore version: https://r3ps4j-fivem.tebex.io/package/4648514


This plugin adds items in game that when used show a blip with radius on the map where player can for example search for a drug location.

These items and locations need to be set up in the config.lua file.

Once the player uses one of the configured items they will grab a phone which marks a location on their map. A different scenario can be configured. The marked location will disappear after the configured seconds for the blips to disappear.

Each item / location has its own color, sprite, scale and radius.


  • There is a seperate SQL file with item limits instead of weights for older ESX versions.
  • The burner phone gets removed from the players inventory after using it.
  • The animation of grabbing a phone can be disabled or changed easily in the config file.
  • Blips disappear after the configured amount of time.
  • Adding new items / locations can be done very easily with the well documented configuration file.
  • SQL files have been provided to work with the default configuration. (items, jobs, addon accounts)
  • All blip names, colors, sprites, scales and their radius can be changed in the config.
  • Notification type can be changed in the config.

Differences for the QBCore version:

  • Seperate file with all the items used in the script to put into your shared.lua file instead of SQL.
  • Uses the QBCore notify system instead of the configurable notification types.
  • Images have been provided to drag and drop into the images folder of the inventory plugin.


ESX version:

QBCore version:

This script does not use Asset Escrow and, just like all my other scripts, is not encrypted in any way. You will be able to access the entire source code when you buy this script and edit it to your liking or server needs.

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This is the perfect script for those who have illegal locations that you want hidden, and moveable from time to time.

Worked on the first try!


Update 06-12-2021:

  • Updated GetObject loop/event to export.
  • Added config option to switch back to GetObject event for older versions of QBCore.

Only on QBCore version