[FORK] [FREE] [ESX] esx_evidence

I forked this resource to edit it so that it works great with my paid script r3-evidence_storage, but figured that it would be useful for others as well. So I decided to “release” it here.

All credit goes to xnubil, I simply edited his work. You can find his original repository here.


So what this script does is add locations to the game that can be used by a certain job that allows them to open certain society inventories. Each location can have a seperate society account to open as well as a seperate job to access that location. You can store weapons and items at this location as “evidence” and you can take them out as well. You can also enable a config option to only allow bosses to take out items and storing weapons can be turned off in the config as well. Each evidence locker can also have multiple locations to access it from.

Github: https://github.com/r3ps4J/esx_evidence
If you want to contribute feel free to make a pull request.

Here is a little preview of how the plugin works:

And a picture for the releases page:

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Good job nice and simple just getting one error currently. It seems to happens whenever I try to take a item out of the evidence locker but I can take weapons out just fine.

I didn’t have this error, but looking at the code it seems to be something with different ESX versions. Script checks for limits, and I’m guessing you are using weights. Will see if I can change that so it’s compatible with both. Weird thing is that I use weights as well, but maybe EXM made that compatible with each other.

Download the latest version, should be fixed now. Make sure to check the config option to switch between weight and limit system.

Having an issue with dirty money (black_money)
Cant deposit.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for bringing this error to my attention, I have rewritten the black money part, and it should be fixed in the latest update.

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Much appreciated! Can’t wait to check it out when I get the chance. Keep putting out solid stuff! :+1::metal: