[ESX / QBCore] IF Appearance V1

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IF Appearance replaces clothing and other related resources

Character Creator , Clothes Shop , Hair - Cosmetics Shop , Tattoo Shop

:star2: Player outfits
:star2: Rank based Clothing Rooms for Jobs / Gangs
:star2: Job / Gang locked Stores
:star2: Tattoo’s Support
:star2: Hair Textures
:star2: Polyzone Support
:star2: Ped Menu command (/pedmenu) (Configurable)
:star2: Reload Skin command (/reloadskin)
:star2: Plastic Surgeons
:star2: qb-target & radialmenu Support
:star2: Skin migration support (qb-clothing / esx_skin)
:star2: Player specific outfit locations (Restricted via CitizenID)
:star2: Makeup Secondary Color
:star2: Blacklist / Limit Hair, Components & Props to certain Jobs / Gangs / CitizenIDs / ACEs -(Allows you to have VIP clothing on your Server)
:star2: Blacklist / Limit Peds to certain Jobs / Gangs / ACEs / CitizenIDs
:star2: Persist Job / Gang Clothes on reconnects / logout
:star2: Disable Components / Props Entirely (Clothing as items support)

:star2: ESX
:star2: QBCore
:star2: OX Lib

Check All Configs HERE

For detailed instructions on how to install and use if-appearancev1, please refer to the readme file provided in resource


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| Code is accessible | No |
| Subscription-based | No |
| Lines (approximately) | +2000 |
| Requirements | ESX/QBCore |
| Support | Yes |