[ESX/QB] - Dungeons

:film_strip: Video

:film_strip: Boss Fight

:film_strip: Dungeons UI

Features the TOP 3 players who finished the dungeon the fastest!
Personal best time
Play button ( When having cooldown, it displays how much minutes are left )

Dungeon Features
- Victory Firework Effect
- Chests
- Dungeon Timer
- Easily Editable Config File
- Real Time Updated SQL
- Prize/Item Win after Dungeon ( CAN BE EDITED IN CONFIG FILE )
- Chest Items
- Cooldown after dungeon
- Disable/Enable ParticleFX


:gift: Team Deathmatch
:gift: Hunger Games
:gift: Cargo Heist
:gift: Van Heist
:gift: Business System V1
:gift: Skills System
:gift: Container Opening
:gift: Car Robbery

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1800
Requirements ESX/QB/MYSQL
Support Yes
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This is pretty unique idea with some neat elements. I can’t wait to check this out. Nice work! :+1:

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is fully open source?

Yes, it is.

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No sync pls fix it

Its a solo Dungeon, theres no sync between the players, just the leaderboard and the best Time that they had.

Unfortunately, that’s the problem and that’s why the other players and I always get a warning for the ped IDs under f8 - it would be better if the peds were server synced