[PAID] - Anti Gang/Job Member Kill


Script that Denies the killing between the players that are in the same Gang/Job
Ui that is accessible to the members, and can toggle Features On and OFF
Player Transparency ( Member becomes transparent to you ( 60% Transparent ) )
Vehicle Transparency ( Members car becomes transparent to you )
Marker ( See A Marker on the top of a member )

Video :cupid:

:cupid: Buy it [HERE] [OPEN SOURCE]

:gift: Weapon Throwing
:gift: Kill Effects
:gift: Temperature/Immunity
:gift: Dungeons
:gift: Team Deathmatch
:gift: Hunger Games
:gift: Cargo Heist
:gift: Van Heist
:gift: Business System V1
:gift: Skills System
:gift: Container Opening
:gift: Car Robbery

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~280
Requirements ESX/QB
Support Yes