Safezones Advanced [PAID]

STANDALONE Safezone script with a ton of features that can benefit any server.
No more killing in safezones.


  • Zone Blips
  • Radius
  • Welcome Pop-up
  • Health Regeneration
  • Infinite Stamina/Faster Player movement Inside Zones
  • Instant Vehicle Repair
  • Fall Damage Protection ( Cant die from fall damage )
  • Anti Weapon Equipment Inside Zones
  • Anti Box ( Players cant attack each other )
  • Max Vehicle Speed ( KMH/MPH )
  • No Vehicle Collision ( Cant Collide with other Vehicles Inside the Zone )
  • Vehicle Alpha ( Vehicles are transparent inside zone )


:cupid: Buy it [HERE] [ Open Source ]

NOTE that you can disable any feature that you dont want!

:gift: Battle Royale
:gift: Bedwars
:gift: Gym + Skills Script
:gift: Weapon Throwing
:gift: Kill Effects
:gift: Temperature/Immunity
:gift: Dungeons
:gift: Team Deathmatch
:gift: Hunger Games
:gift: Cargo Heist
:gift: Van Heist
:gift: Business System V1
:gift: Skills System
:gift: Container Opening
:gift: Car Robbery
:gift: Humane Heist

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 480
Requirements STANDALONE
Support Yes
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