[PAID] [STANDALONE] Weapon Throwing NoPixel Inspired

Weapon Throwing system inspired by NoPixel
Throw your weapon and pick it up later, or throw it to your friend or gang member
The script allows for various scenarios
works on any Framework

Video Preview :computer:

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:gift: Dungeons
:gift: Team Deathmatch
:gift: Hunger Games
:gift: Cargo Heist
:gift: Van Heist
:gift: Business System V1
:gift: Skills System
:gift: Container Opening
:gift: Car Robbery

Code is accessible Yes/No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~400
Requirements OX_LIB
Support Yes

This is literally a free script by pickle


When were you born:
OP: yesterday

already a free script by pickle

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Free script by pickle

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looks like pickles throwables, would love to see that code compared.

its already free script Pickle's Weapon Throwing | Throw Weapons, Pickup Weapons, Drop Weapons on Death, And more! can you see :face_with_peeking_eye:

Oh i see it :joy: