[PAID] Van Heist V1 [ESX/QB]

:money_with_wings:Van Heist V1

:sparkles: Features


Theres 2 tasks that you will need to complete before you can start the HEIST!


There will be a car displayed on your map, the car will be guarded by enemys, which have guns, and don’t like you, so you better have a gun on you, after you get the car, you will need to get it back to gustavo, when your all done, gustavo will give you the second task


The russian maffia guards a high value weapon box, gustavo needs it and sends you there, your job is to get the weapon box and kill the guards at the location, when your done get the weapon box to gustavo and shall the Heist begin!


Theres a high value van going from the city hall to the central bank, you need to stop the van from getting there, if you fail and the van gets to the central bank the heist is over and you have failed, hovewer if you succeed and stole the van, don’t you think its all over, at the location which you need to drop off the van, there will be a TEAM of SWAT agents waiting for you, after you killed them and dropped of the van, the prize is yours to keep!

Video Preview HERE
Config Preview HERE

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~600~
Requirements ESX OR QB
Support Yes